Switzerland’s Lucerne region opens its first hydrogen refuelling station in Rothenburg

LANDI Sempach-Emmen, the operator of four AGROLA refuelling stations in the Lucerne region, will be offering Swiss-produced green hydrogen at its refuelling station in Rothenburg from 28 January 2021.

The trend towards hydrogen is undeniable. From now on, sustainably produced hydrogen can be filled up at the AGROLA refuelling station in Rothenburg. The refuelling station was built in record time in cooperation between H2 Energy AG and LANDI Sempach-Emmen with the support of the H2Haul project funded by the FCH JU. It is the second hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) under the AGROLA brand and the first in the Lucerne region. At the new refuelling station, only green hydrogen is available for lorries and passenger cars. The refuelling process takes a similar amount of time as with conventional fuels.

The opening of the first HRS in the Lucerne region opens an important Swiss economic axis. Until now, it was not possible to refuel a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the region. With the construction of the refuelling station, this dilemma has been solved. For commercial vehicles, the neighbouring Auto AG provides maintenance and service for the vehicles. There are already more than 30 Hyundai lorries on Swiss roads, and their number will continue to increase in the coming weeks. In the passenger car segment, representatives of the Hyundai and Toyota brands offer series-production vehicles powered by hydrogen.

Swiss-produced green hydrogen

The green hydrogen offered at the HRS is produced in Switzerland and made from renewable electricity from hydropower. This technology makes it possible to ensure that the entire value chain is produced domestically. It also offers the possibility of converting surplus electricity and storing it in this way.

Hydrogen cars offer a range of up to 700 km and are thus comparable with classic combustion engines. At the same time, they have a low noise level and high torque.