Hyundai’s fleet of XCIENT hydrogen trucks has travelled more than 5 million km in Switzerland since 2020

Since 2020, Hyundai has delivered 47 of its fuel cell trucks to 23 Swiss companies. The XCIENT fuel cell trucks are used in various sectors, such as logistics, manufacturing, and retail. They are equipped with a 180-kW power system with two 90-kW fuel cells, three 72-kWh batteries and a 350-kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 2237 Nm. With a total storage capacity of 31 kg of hydrogen, their seven tanks offer a range of over 400 km. Depending on the ambient temperature, refuelling takes between 8 and 20 minutes.

In August 2022, Hyundai made a successful entry into Germany. Seven German companies will use its XCIENTs thanks to government subsidies to support environmentally friendly commercial vehicles.

Source: Hyundai Motor. Picture: Hyundai Motor Group.