1 October 2020 | Decarbonisation of heavy transport and the role of hydrogen

The new European Commission has ambitious plans to become carbon neutral by 2050, and heavy transport will feel the impact. The European Green Deal will mean new legislation on batteries and alternative fuels

That’s going to pose a challenge for heavy transport, which is already investing in new technologies and electric vehicles to reduce its carbon footprint. But trucks and buses account for about a quarter of the EU’s road transport emissions, so there is still a long way to go to reach climate neutrality by mid-century.

This event will bring together senior EU policymakers, industry experts and civil society representatives to discuss the best pathway to decarbonize heavy transport and what role hydrogen can play in that effort.

Questions to be addressed at the event include:

  • What is the best pathway for transitioning to zero emissions in the road transport sector by 2050?
  • How can policymakers ensure they are technologically neutral in legislating on a low-carbon future?
  • Does clean heavy transport depend on batteries, or are there alternatives like hydrogen? Does hydrogen have a possible role in trains as well as trucks?
  • If there is a future for hydrogen, can it be made in a greener way?
  • Does a public network of hydrogen refuelling stations need to be subsidised across Europe?

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